UPDATE….I Traveled In Early April 2018 Along With The WebSteward To Memphis, Tennessee To Participate In A March To Honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s Support In 1968 For Sanitation Workers Who Were On Strike For Better Pay And Safer Working Conditions. This Was The Last Action Dr. King Took As He Was Murdered On April 4, 1968 As He Stood On A Balcony At The Infamous Loraine Hotel In Downtown Memphis. I Thought  I Would Share A Few Photos That Were Taken Of Machinist Members And Others.

Brothers and Sisters,….I bring greetings to you and your family. I want to thank everyone that came out for nominations for Officers and Delegates, Trustees and Auditors and then voted in last year’s elections for Lodge President and District 110 Delegates.

I am sincerely thankful remain humbled that you once again put your trust in me to continue to represent such a great group of men a women working at FRC East and DLA Aviation/Distribution.

I take this responsibility seriously and go about the business of being a voice for you all with great passion.

I need your continuous support if I am to finish the work I started since my election 2014 and I will continue to fight the good fight for “Justice On The Job” making sure every one of you are treated fairly and with decency and respect. 

Brothers and Sisters…. “We are all Organizers in this Union“. Look around at your co-workers in your shops. Have you ever asked them why they choose to free ride? Remember, “If they are not in the Union our goal is to put them in the Union”. 


There are a lot of new policies and procedures that will be implemented in the coming months. We are working to execute a plan that will continue to give our members a voice in how such polices will impact them.  I have asked my communication team to continue the trend to educate our members on federal employees and Union issues such as;

The New DOD Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP), This was heavy on our minds because we are facing unknown challenges ahead of us in 2018 and thus we made our recommendation that you endorsed to extend/rollover the major portions of the current existing language in the Negotiated Agreement on the FRC East side of the house.

We are awaiting the Facility’s formal response to our proposal and will keep you informed of our progress or lack of progress in this regard.  

I’ve asked the Negotiated Committee to come up with a plan. As a result of their planning a (SURVEY), that was passed out to our members considering a number of variables which included the possible loss of current working conditions favorable to the majority of Bargaining Unit Employees under the agreement. 

The decision to open Articles and/or Sections related to Performance and RIF’s procedures was necessary because of statutory changes in law.  Your input was taken in full consideration.  You spoke and your voices were loud and clear. I want to thank you all who participated in the survey.


The recommendation from the Negotiation Committee will be a three (3) year extension and it had to be presented no later than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date of the current agreement which is March 11, 2018. 

There is always interest in making improvements in every area, however contract negotiations are never one sided and every opened area could result in either a loss or gain for either side.

Our goal is always to do what is in the interest of workers and that is why we concluded that only those Articles and/or Sections previously discussed are of upmost importance and should be where the focus should be this go around. 


I am committed to providing adequate training for our lodge Officers and Stewards related to any new policies and procedures impacting our members and Bargaining Unit Employees and clarity and understanding of Roles and Responsibilities of Officers and Representatives.

I have ask our Educator to initiate (mandatory training) ASAP.


Wilbert K. Woods, President

In January of 2015, I first raised my hand as your President and swore to faithfully serve the members of this local. I have always urged each employee to come to work on time, work hard, be a team player, be decent, practice safe work habits and look out for your fellow coworkers. Today we are going through a 2020 Vision reorganization/transformation at the Fleet Readiness Center East.

You may have noticed that a few employees have recently put in their papers to retire early. As we continue to move forward in today’s challenging work environment, I can’t help but reflect back to a time when it seemed that life was just a little less complicated.  The reality is that no one to this date has been able to turn back the hands of time. We must ultimately face life each day as it comes. While the NSPS repeal was a great victory, the good times for public employees in the IAM did not last long. 

Due to severe budget constraints at all levels of government and conservative politicians determined to abolish unions, IAM public sector workers are now under attack like never before.  We are spending more resources than ever defending our right to bargain, to maintain official time to represent our members, to maintain check-off so we don’t have to collect dues by hand and other attacks against us.  In fact the cutting of 100,000 federal jobs at a time when over 12% of Americans are unemployed will only make the situation worse. It is essential that we do our part to change the public perception of federal workers.

There was a clear distinction between the Republican and Democratic Party platforms at the time of the 2016 elections when it came to how they view Unions, whether government or private sector.  The Republican’s planned legislation is nothing more than union-busting schemes, which are popping up more and more in jurisdictions across North America.  As a result of their efforts ironically the IAM’s membership in the federal sector has gown every year in the last four years. 

The federal government is the nation’s biggest right to work employer, which makes organizing difficult.  But these attacks on government employees are making more and more workers realize the value of a union.  If you sit on the sidelines and don’t engage in politics, Unions will continue to be forced to deal with anti-worker legislators that neither understand nor are willing to try to understand the importance of unions. This leads to bad policies, like we currently have in North Carolina, where the state will not recognize a collective bargaining agreement for public employees.

The IAM must continue to follow the workers regardless of whether they perform such work in the private, public or federal sector. Whether work is leaving the government through privatization, or being brought in-house through insourcing, whenever the work our members perform changes sectors, it threatens to bust the union.  In order to counter this problem, we have renewed our commitment to organizing workers in all sectors. 

Wherever work goes, the IAM will follow it, and we’ll sign those workers up as Machinists. Districts should seek out resources from the IAM to follow the work when our members are moved into different sectors of employment. If you are wondering where do federal workers represented by the IAM work and how they contribute to our economy?

Here are a few facts: 1) The IAM represents workers at the following locations;

  • Departments of Defense

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Forest Service

  • Government Printing Office

  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing

  • Passport Services

and more than 30 additional federal agencies and departments.  2) 85 percent of the federal workforce lives and works outside of Washington, D.C., stimulating local economies and providing thousands of much-need jobs in all 50 states. The services these workers provide keep our country safe, healthy, and prosperous.

Lastly, under the current Republican controlled House, Senate and Executive Branch, government pensions are constantly under attack.  We must hold the line on pensions and never let them take them from us. All workers deserve to retire with dignity, and if we give up our pensions, we may never have retirement security for our members again. These Legislators want to cut our members’ pensions to give tax breaks for millionaires.

We can not and will not stand for that I want to thank President Robert Martinez and all of the Executive Council for their unwavering support for IAM public employees. “In order to counter these problems, we have renewed our commitment to organize workers in all sectors.  Wherever work goes, we follow it, and we sign those workers up as Machinists”.


This Union is preparing our Stewards and Officers through continuous education to respond to any situation that may arise as the local managers begin to implement changes to the policies and practices that have been in place over the past 50 years. We all have to work together to make certain that management officials and our federal employee workforce work in unison as we move through 2018.

The best way for us to minimize the impact of the new policies and practices is to join together as a united workforce so that the message is clear that we demand respect and will settle for nothing less than fair and impartial treatment and justice always on the job.



Observe The Brother At Your SideAnd if he won’t fight he ain’t a MachinistObserve The Sister At Your Side… And if she won’t fight she ain’t a MachinistObserve The Leader At Your Side… And if he or she won’t fight they ain’t a Machinist Observe The Man In The Mirror… And if you won’t fight you ain’t a Machinist



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