The Locals’ Affiliation With District Lodge 2020

Local Lodge 2297 is located in Zone 110 and is now affiliated with The Greater Mid-Atlantic District Lodge 2020. The Zone 110 business office is located in Havelock, North Carolina and Local Lodge 2297 had previously enjoyed the business relationship with District 110 since March of 1968. There are currently 6 Lodges, LL350, LL757, LL1859, LL2296, LL2297 and LL2924, that are affiliated with the new District 2020, Zone 110, which has a staff of two (2) , a Business Representative and an Office Manager.

On February 1, 2020, District Lodge 110 officially became one of three (3) Zones fully incorporated in District Lodge 2020 of the Southern Territory. Also included in the merger were District Lodge 74, now Zone 74 and Local Lodge 10, now Zone 10. Zone 74and 10 are located in Virginia.

Affiliation History

Local 2297 was successful in controlling, via a democratic process, the Directing Business Representative position for a majority of the existence of District Lodge 110. With the exception of the first  Directing Business Representative who was Terry Worthington, a member of Local Lodge 2296, every subsequent DBR was a member of Local 2297. We are proud of our history and our relationship with District Lodge 110. The Local also had a member who was a delegate that held the District Lodge 110 President’s position from 2000 to 2020, a period of 20 years. We look forward to contributing to the success of the newly chartered Mid-Atlantic District Lodge.

We pause to recognize the contributions made by our members in the past to the success of District Lodge 110, and remain forever dedicated to the members and the families of our historic Lodge

District Lodge110

District Lodge 110 was established and chartered by the Grand Lodge of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers March 1, 1968 for the purpose of securing mutual protection, harmonious action and close cooperation in all matters relating to the trade; to organize the unorganized under the jurisdiction of the District Lodge; to establish and maintain uniform wages and working conditions and render the maximum protection and services to its members. This makes the District Lodge 50 years old as of March 2018.

Progress Made and Plans Accomplished!

Southern Territory GVP Mark Blondin made a visit to Local Lodge 350 Spirit AeroSystems in Kinston North Carolina on September 29th 2017. “This is the best part of my job! Meeting the members face-to-face to listen, learn and appreciate the jobs of the extraordinary men and women of the IAM. You are the reason America succeeds and I am so proud of your efforts.” Mark A. Blondin. Check out these Pictures of GVP Blondin’s visit to Spirit AeroSystems.

The Southern States Conference of Machinist

The purpose of this Conference shall be to promote the interest of the International Association Of Machinist and Aerospace Workers throughout the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas Virginia and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands for the purpose of promoting cooperation concerted action in the fields of education, legislation public relations, community service/human rights and health and safety, provided, however that this Conference shall not infringe upon the jurisdiction of Local Lodges, District Lodges or the Grand Lodge and shall operate within the provisions of the IAM Constitution. All Local, District Lodges and State Councils within the IAMAW Southern Territory shall be affiliated in this Conference as per the IAM Constitution. Southern States Conference of Machinists.

Training throughout the District

On June 22, 2018 Shop Stewards of Local Lodge 350 Spirit AeroSystems in Kinston, North Carolina met to attend Steward training. Some of those in attendance had attended a previous session held in early 2016 but this class went a little more in-depth to provide not only basic Steward training but also focused on the collaborative arrangement between the Union and the Spirit Management and the role the Steward must play in making the partnership between the Parties work in the way it was attended. In November of 2017, as the result of changes to the local’s bylaws, democratic elections were held that allowed the membership to nominate and vote for who they wanted to represent their interest. Prior to that Union Leaders assigned to represent the interest of the IAM on the “Joint Partnership Committee” selected their Stewards through agreement. Local 350 affiliated with District Lodge 110 in late 2015 and the district Directing Business Representative and the District Educator have been assisting the lodge to have the lodge become more independent in the handling of their administration of lodge business. The training was given by District 110 President Theodore McNeal who is also the Educator. Theodore is a 37-year member of the IAM and has held various positions in the Union which makes the transfer of valuable knowledge to the young lodge even more beneficial. Assisting Theodore during the training was Employee Advocate/Chief Steward Montez Davis and DBR Anthony Cruz. There were approximately 20 Stewards in attendance and the training was held at the Spirit AeroSystems Training facility located near the plant which is located at the Global Transport Park just outside of town.

In 2016 District Lodge 110 Educator, Theodore McNeal and Grand Lodge Representative, Joseph Greaser provided education classes for the Stewards of newly affiliated lodge 350 at Spirit AeroSystems located in the Eastern, North Carolina city of Kinston. The District is planning a series of training on a variety of topics in the coming weeks. District 110 has grown in the past couple of years and almost doubled their membership.

On Monday January 29, 2018, a misty, somewhat cool afternoon, members of LL350’s Executive Board met for training on Local Lodge Administration. The Lodge recently had an unexpected turnover in leadership and the training is one of many types provided by the District 110 Educator Theodore McNeal, in an effort to empower this fairly young lodge with the right tools to become an awesome group of leaders who undoubtedly will do remarkable things in the very near future.

Affiliated Lodge Celebrations

On December 23, 2017 Union members of IAM Lodge 350 Spirit AeroSystems in Kinston gathered at the Lenoir County Shrine Club as they have their 1st Christmas Party since unionizing the plant. The food was catered and the music was provided by an area DJ. The members in attendance were pleased with the event; however attendance was low in comparison with the size of their membership. Raffle prizes were given away throughout the night and the Planning Committee did a superb job making the party a success.

Local Lodge 350 is committed to growing its membership and encouraging the union workforce to become the most productive in the aerospace company. If you will notice, a majority of the Executive Board officers are women, which does speak to the growing number of women in all occupations and careers that now choose to lead rather than follow. Also in the room during the training were the newly elected Chief Steward or “Employee Advocate”, Montez Davis and District 110 Directing Business Representative Anthony Cruz who does a great job assisting these leaders and their Union membership on regular basis. The Company and the Union are in a collaborative relationship which results in mostly a win-win for the workforce and the Aerospace Company but obviously the workers ask for the union representation so things are far from perfect. District Lodge 110 acquired the responsibility of assisting LL350 in January of 2016 and in the same year acquired the responsibility of assisting newly chartered IAM Local 2924 a Service Contract group of workers in the Jacksonville, N.C. who work aboard the military base.

Union members across the Nation wore red on July 25th 2018 in support of Federal Employees of the IAM and other Unions who are in danger of having their rights and Collective Bargaining Agreements nullified by actions taken b U.S. President, Donald Trump who issued 3 Executive orders in May that are being challenged in court by a coalition of unions to include the IAM as well as NFFE. Thanks to all District 110 members for your support no matter what industry you work in. In the picture is a member of Lodge 350 who is wearing red in support of government workers across the country.

Service Contract Local 2924

Local Lodge 1859 “Icon” Retires

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